About Us

Rolling Fork Rising is a local nonprofit 501(c)3 with a vision to help rebuild homes in Rolling Fork, especially for renters.  Approximately 68% of the residents of Rolling Fork (before the tornado of 3/24/2023) were renters. There are several government and other programs created to help homeowners rebuild, but very limited opportunities to help renters. We want to change that by giving renters the opportunity to return to the city of Rolling Fork as homeowners. 

Our Mission

The mission of Rolling Fork Rising is to provide an opportunity for renters to return to Rolling Fork as homeowners. 

Without providing a way for renters to return to our city, our population will decrease to the point that our local businesses, hospitals, schools, etc. will be in peril.

The vision of Rolling Fork Rising is to provide new homes (1200 -1400sq ft) for former renters to purchase at a discounted price. Our goal is to have their monthly mortgage payment, taxes, and insurance costs be approximately the same as they were paying for rent prior to the tornado. 

Our Process

We will NOT be giving anything away!

Each family will be assigned a Survivor Advocate/Case Manager. The Survivor Advocates will help vet the families.

The vetting/qualification process consists of but is not limited to: 
Full cooperation with their Survivor Advocate to obtain all documents, work required, training, etc.  
Successful completion of Foundations of Hope Class
Successful completion of Financial Literacy Training
Successful completion of Homeowner Training
Successful completion of Emotional & Spiritual Care Training
Upon successful completion of the qualification process, qualified applicants will be offered the opportunity to purchase a new home at a discounted price if homes are available. 

The Benefits

Bringing homeowners and renters back to Rolling Fork is vital to the success of rebuilding our city.
Opportunity for generational wealth building for former renters
Increased property tax revenue for the city
More people to purchase goods and services from our local businesses 
More people to utilize our hospital services
More people to utilize the services of other doctors and healthcare providers in the city 
Increased sales tax revenue for the city
Bringing children of renters back to our city to help school funding 

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